A. McGuire’s Fine Wood Finishes are a Brisbane  based, timber finishing company that specialises in French Polishing, modern finishes and floor sanding and finishing. We offer expert craftsmanship and work closely with our clients to ensure an exceptional level of customer satisfaction.
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French Polishing

All of A. McGuire’s French Polishers use traditional techniques to provide our clients with the highest standard of workmanship.

Our Services Include

  • -Traditional French Polishing and Antique Restoration
  • -Bar top lacquering
  • -Removing water/heat marks (cup rings) and cigarette burns
  • -Repairing damaged veneers
  • -Wood stripping
  • -Colour and finish matching to new and existing timber
  • -Timber oiling i.e. floors and kitchen worktops
  • -Timber bleaching
  • -Liming i.e. the procedure of applying a white liming wax to wood grain
  • -Timber fuming
  • -Guilding

We are very happy to undertake both commercial and domestic work

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Modern Finishes

To withstand everyday use many timbers require more hard wearing finishes. We have adapted traditional techniques to incorporate modern finishes such as pre catalyst, acid catalyst, polyurethane and hard wax oils. Most of our services can be carried out with the items in situ.

Our Services Include

  • -Fire retardant finishes
  • -External weather resistant finishes i.e. shop fronts and front doors
  • -Heat and alcohol resistant finishes i.e. boardroom and dining tables
  • -Wood stripping
  • -Colour and finish matching to new and existing timber
  • -Bar top finishing
  • -Damage repair to prefinished and factory sprayed items
  • -Commercial and domestic maintenance

A. McGuire’s Fine Wood Finishes are happy to offer after care instructions for any work we have completed.

For any further enquiries on our services please do not hesitate to contact us.

In accordance with Health and Safety Policies, we are happy to provide COSHH sheets, Risk assessments and Method Statements should they be required.

A. McGuire’s Fine Wood Finishes are fully covered by liability insurance.

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We have over 25 years combined experience of floor sanding and refinishing. We have worked closely with our clients over this time to provide an expert service and have built a reputation for excellence.

A timber floor can be a valuable asset increasing character in any home, school, office, restaurant/bar, museum or church. We offer floor laying services for, strip wood flooring, engineered and laminate flooing, Herringbone, Parquet, pine boards, cork, Bamboo and all other solid timbers. We use a range of highly durable finishes, which suit both domestic and commercial properties including: Water based one and two part lacquers, A/C lacquer, solvent based Polyurethane and hard wax oils. All of these finishes are supplied in Matt, satin, semi-gloss and gloss to suit your preference.We can also offer a range of stains and effects such as liming and colour washes, bleaching, fuming, to suit your personal tastes and designs. As Fully qualified French Polishers, we are also able to offer repairs to isolated damage.

Our Services Include

  • Sanding
  • Sealing
  • Laying
  • Lacquering
  • Oiling
  • Waxing
  • Gap filling
  • Damage repairs
  • Stain/colour matching
  • Domestic and commercial Flooring
  • Competitive rates
  • Free quotation

As it is not always practical to sand and refinish floors within working hours, we offer an out of hour rate. All our machines are 98% dust free. We offer FREE care and maintenance advice to all customers. If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We at A. McGuire’s Fine Wood Finishes have enhanced conventional methods to accommodate modern materials and styles without compromising on traditional values.


Mr McGuire began his apprenticeship in 1999 under the instruction of two generations of highly skilled French Polishers who passed down their methods and techniques. The guidance Mr McGuire received gave him a strict grounding in the traditional French Polishing techniques.

As an apprentice, Mr McGuire developed an analytical approach to each task taking into account the surroundings, the requirements of the customer and the most effective and efficient process to use. During the apprenticeship, Mr McGuire undertook work ranging from domestic furniture and antique restoration to commercial refits and maintenance contracts.

In our 14 years of trading, we have built an excellent reputation and have carried out projects for many prestigious corporations, architects, interior designers, antique collectors and preservation companies.

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Many people assume that the term French Polish/French Polishing refers to a material used in wood finishing but French Polishing is actually a technique. Using a fad/rubber (made up of a ball of wadding wrapped in fine cotton) many layers of shellac polish are applied in small circles and figures of eight to produce a rich coloured, high gloss finish. The rubber is lubricated using oil, this is to help the rubber flow over the surface and prevent the previously applied Shellac layers from lifting.

Shellac is a resin produced by the female Lac bug (Kerria Lacca), collected from the trees found in the dense forests of Thailand and India. Once the shellac is collected, it is processed into flakes, which when added to ethanol becomes liquid shellac. There are many different shellac finishes, not all are categorised as “French polish”. Records have been found, that reference the use of shellac from 3000 years ago, although the material was confined to the Far East until the early 1700, when traders introduced shellac in its natural state to Europe.

French Polishing became a dominant finishing process in the 19th Century throughout the Victorian era. During this time, French polishing was mainly used on expensive woods such as Mahogany. In the early part of the 20th century, French polishing was neglected due to the time constraints involved in mass production. Instead a new technique of spraying nitrocellulose lacquer was developed. Although spraying nitrocellulose lacquer is a quicker technique of furniture finishing, the surface is costly to repair when damaged. French polished surfaces enable the restorer to efficiently repair any damage and blend this into the original finish.

Today, a French Polisher covers many more aspects of wood finishing than just traditional French Polishing. Styles and trends determine the procedures and materials used in our modern world. The mass production of furniture, flooring, doors and all other forms of timber, means that many wood finishing trades have had to adapt.

French Polishing is now treated as a dying art. It is an art that few people have endeavoured to achieve and even fewer have mastered.

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A. McGuire’s Fine Wood Finishes are based in Brisbane, Queensland and offer free quotations within a 100km radius area.
Please contact us for further infomation.
M: 043 44 33 482

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